Lu. Hobby artist, musician and programmer from Italy, born on Nov 30, 1995, whose pronouns are they and it.

A lugubrious werewolf, a many-eyed angel, a circus peanut clown or a triangle depending on who you ask.

Thinker of thoughts, worder of words, gamer of games, creator of creations.

Passionate about many topics, including but not limited to 3D art, ambiguity and defiance of systems, animation, anthropology, card games, digital rights, history, human rights, information security, linguistics, mathematics, media preservation, music and audio, programming, puzzles, queer history, radical kindness and solidarity, sociology, videogames, vintage hardware, visual art...

In other words, I am emotionally, mentally and technically invested in a lot of things.

little things

  • I am neurodivergent. The human often feels less familiar than the eldritch, the angelic and the monstrous.

  • My DMs and my CuriousCat (anon on) are always open. Don't be shy!

  • I speak Italian and English fluently.

  • I can read hiragana and katakana at a reasonable pace. My transliteration skills are acceptable. My kanji could use some improvement. I am almost completely self taught.

  • I started using Dr. as an English honorific as a joke, but I have grown to like it.

  • I have two cats. They are my big fluffy sons.

  • Creating things, human variance and cats are what I love the most in the world.

  • I often leave things unfinish

  • .