mid 20s




(not limited to)

  •  art : 3D art, abstract art, animation, character and creature design, crafts, digital art, graphic design, geometric art, surreal art, traditional art

  •  games : action/adventure, cards and tabletop, platformers, puzzles, roleplaying, sandbox

  •  music : alt rock, avant-garde, chillwave, drum&bass, electronic, experimental, game soundtracks, post-punk, synthwave, vaporwave

  •  science : anthropology, astronomy, history, linguistics, sociology, philosophy, queer history

  •  tech : infosec, media preservation, vintage hardware


  • I do not accept unsolicited advice, gratuitous commentary or “playful rudeness” from complete strangers.

  • I do not post or share explicitly sexual text or images; regardless, I ask that people under the age of 18 do not follow me.

  • What I choose to share about my person on the internet is merely a fraction of the entirety of my person.

  • There is a human being behind and beneath the text. Behave accordingly.

Thank you.

You find yourself in a strange place. There isn’t anything but a pitch white void around you. You gaze downwards to the ground. You don’t know what you are standing on, but it is solid and it supports your weight.

You look back up. There is something in front of you. You hesitate for a moment, staring at the object. It appears to be a cube, floating and rotating slowly in space. As you shift your weight to the side to take a better look at it, you aren’t so sure that it is three-dimensional at all. It’s too… incomprehensible…

You reach out to the object. You feel a rumble deep within you as large cracks appear on the surface of the cube. Something begins to emerge from the cracks, it looks like hands. Slowly you realize that the object is… an egg?

The entity emerges from the cube in a flash. It has an impossible amount of wings, limbs and eyes, they are all looking at and through you. It approaches you, reaching out with its many metallic hands. It lifts you from the ground and gently holds your body in an embrace of its long, tender arms and soft, feathery wings, looking on with its many eyes.

You hear a plea to not be afraid in an otherworldly voice, in a language you have never heard.

You are not afraid.
You have never felt safer.

Metatron's Cube